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Trinidad: Swimsuit models in Holy Trinity Cathedral causes an uproar

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There has been a lot of reactions since pictures of models in bathing suits down the aisle of holy trinity cathedral made its way to the internet. People have argued about the rightness and wrong of that action. Most people are of the view that that was a desecration of the sacred. It happens in the Port of Spain in Trinidad and Tobago. It was a fashion show.

The event was mainly sponsored by the National Lotteries Control Board (NLCB) – flags on the church fence displayed that.

The wave of online criticism is not going to dissuade the organizers who have already held another Style Week run­way show was held at the same Cathedral last night. The show can be accessed on swimwear online boutique, Genesis Swim.


Ellis Briggs, chairman of Zetick Caribbean Limited, the organiser of Style Week, has told whoever cares to listen that there is nothing wrong with holding a fashion show in the church. He believes that people who think otherwise are just being “hyperactive”.

“There is a lot of talk about a photo of a model in a bathing suit. I didn’t realise that the human body was something to be ashamed of, ” he said.

” I didn’t realise that we as human beings were born with clothes. I think people are just hypersensitive. This is the era we live in. We live in this era where you put something on the internet and it goes viral and it becomes a big controversy and that’s that. Nobody really cares about the fashion designers who are struggling or the models who are getting an avenue to showcase their talents. Nobody cares about that,  what they care about is just this little sensation for the moment. In a couple of weeks they will forget about that,” he said.


Stick Caribbean Limited’s chief executive officer Shunnel Roopchand has revealed his admiration for what she calls the “forward-thinking” of the Anglican church and the progressive nature of the church. And she goes on to say that some part of the proceeds from the show will go into the renovation of the church.

“Style Week is about high­light­ing tal­ents that are given to us by God, creative talents and that was the position of the church as well. Our agreement with the church is dual purposed. While they are very, very happy to accommodate us, we would also be assisting in their restoration,” she said.

The massive earthquake of last August did a lot of damage to the structure of the Holy Trinity Cathedral. The funds required for renovation is estimated at $5 million according to Roopchand.

Mr Ellis Briggs also spoke about how he thinks that the internet could be a tool for advertising what they were doing. He said he wished it could go more viral than it currently is so that they could make more money and the world could pay more attention to their fashion and entertainment.

“So hopefully we can get people perhaps interested maybe some of those same people on social media to come in and chip in something to help the restoration efforts of the church. I wish the photo goes viral to the point where the international community sees it and starts to recognise that fashion is happening in Trinidad and Tobago in a serious way,” he said.

Briggs said footage of the event will soon be on the Apple streaming service and that it would be available in the United States and 20 other countries.

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