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Trinidad: Labourer, 28, charged with kidnapping, raping 74-year-old granny

(Trinidad Express) A 28-year-old labourer of La Brea Trace, Siparia, was denied bail when he appeared before Magistrate Aden Stroude at the Siparaia First Magistrates’ Court yesterday, charged with rape and kidnapping.

At round 8:30am on July 25, a 74-year-old woman arrived at CID office Siparia and reported that around 10:30 pm the day before, she left the home of her neighbour at La Brea Trace, Siparia, and proceeded towards La Brea Trace junction.

Whilst waiting to cross the road she said a man approached her and bundled her into a car.

The woman claimed that the car was driven by another man who drove the vehicle further inside La Brea Trace and into a road behind the Siparia West Secondary School, where she was pulled her out of the car, dragged her down a hill into a bushy area and raped.

The woman alleged that she began fighting him off and screaming at which time the suspect threw a stone, striking her on her right foot.

He dealt her several blows with his hands on her back. She told police that the man then ran off and left her in the bushes where she remained until daylight as she was afraid and also unable to see to get out of the bushy area. She said she later made her way to her home.

The woman was conveyed to the Siparia District Health Facility by officers of the Siparia CID, where she was medically examined and a medical certificate was obtained of her behalf.

Under the supervision of Snr Supt John and Insp Simon, Sgt Ramsaran, Ag/Cpl Gokool and WPC Philandez continued enquiries and with the assistance of the Rio Claro CID, arrested the Alvin Sookram at Ecclesville, Rio Claro on September 4.

He was charged on Monday.

The accused is due to return to court on October 2

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