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The Entire Baby Phat Archive is Rihanna’s: She Bought it

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The relaunch of Baby Phat was greeted with a lot of euphoria and nostalgia. What a lot of us never knew was that Rihanna took it to notch further by acquiring the whole Baby Phat archive. Kimora Lee who founded Baby Phat revealed this on the cut.

In a similar story corroborating the information above, it was revealed to Page Six that the pop megastar discovered the fashion collection during a collaborative endeavour withheld. Rihanna offered to buy up the whole collection immediately!

Allison P. Davis wrote about a deal struck between Gabriel Held and Rihanna last year wherein the former sold the whole of his collection to the music mogul.

Who can forget the feeling of joy and excitement when the announcement of Baby Phat resurgence was made by Simmons. It was International Women’s Day in March. After the announcement, there was a joint relaunch of the brand by Forever 21 and Simmons.

In March Simmons spoke enthusiastically of how the massive response to the brand was a pointer to the fact that the relaunch happened at the perfect time. She spoke about how “the brand resonates with people and lives deep in their souls.”

The first set of the collection sold out like wildfire in a jiffy! It was in the month of June and Simmons spoke of how that incentive reinvigorated her drive to commit more to what was primarily to her:” a Labour of love.”

Simmons further explained to Page Six in June, what was her greatest source of joy about the successful adventure: rolling out a brand that is embraced by people of all ages. “It’s so fulfilling to see one generation squealing with nostalgia at the news of our relaunch,” she explained. She went further to say ” and another discovering the brand for the first time.”

She was particularly ‘heartened’ by what she described as the ability of the brand to carry the spirit of the ages while still retaining its aesthetic appeal. Simmons went on to opine that the relaunch is like a second chance for older women who never had a chance to express their beauty through fashion.

You get the feel of the brand’s historic standing by taking a cursory look at its logo. The logo is sure to be a strong point for young girls and women who were most likely not old enough to rock it back then. In her words: “A whole generation of girls love the logo for what they know the brand stood for even though they weren’t old enough to wear it at the time.”

For those who belong to the old breed, Baby Phat was a popular feature of fashion trends in those days. And as it made its way back to reckoning in this age it must have been thrilling to see that the young girls too embraced it. After all, fashion trends of these days are largely dominated by recycling of pioneer trends of times past. Rihanna keeps conquering new fronts in the fashion business and what more can be indicative of the brand’s trans-generational popularity than its purchase by Rih Rih herself.

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