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Skinny fabulous “reckless” the Power of Soca

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Over the past few years, Caribbean music has been brought back to center stage with a wave of irresistible Soca music. Soca music is a derivative of the traditional calypso music which the Caribbean is known for. Originally conceptualized by Lord Shorty in the ’70s, Soca music was designed to give a different tempo that resonates very strongly with the younger generation. Soca, which means the soul of Calypso has since devolved into many other genres, typically combining the Soca rhythmic flavor with other widely known genres of music. For instance, Chutney Soca, Ragga Soca, Steelband Soca, Bouyon Soca, Power Soca, and many more mind-blowing rhythms continue to emerge from Soca.

Today, there are many exceptional Soca artists who have taken the world by storm with their unique blend of Soca artistry. Artists like Kevin Little with his hit song “turn me on” took over the dancehall scene and made the world fall in love with Soca music. “Fast wine” by Michael Montano, “Nah Let Go” by Kes, “Into You” by Patrice Roberts and many more hit songs from talented artists continues to push soca music all over the world. Following in the footsteps of many great soca music legends, Skinny fabulous has made a name for himself in the genre of music.

In addition to being awarded St. Vincent and the Grenadines Entertainer of the Year in 200, skinny fabulous has grown a huge fan base in the Caribbean and around the world. Skinny Fabulous recent post of Facebook which states “I was trying to disguise and have a quiet backstage entry. Not sure how come it didn’t work. I’m gonna wear a whole helmet next time,” is a reflection of how much his music is well received by fans. Just as his stage name suggests, Skinny Fabulous is a slim and athletic male artist that brings an energetic personality to his music and stage performances while rocking his fabulous signature look of a well-groomed dread and thick beard.

Skinny fabulous manages to get the crowd going with electrifying performances and an endless stream of club bangers.
Reckless is the latest single from skinny fabulous that has everyone’s tongue wagging in excitement. While Reckless may not be the best song for a quiet time, Reckless would certainly get you going in the club. Produced by Dudley mrsofamous Frederick, Reckless is a fast tempo song that is guaranteed to get fans dancing in an unrestrained frenzy. Reckless falls in the category of power soca, an up-tempo jump and wave soca music that emerged in Trinidad and Tobago in the early 1990s. Reckless is created to appeal to the younger generation of party goers. The up-tempo beat is well-suited for carnivals, shows, clubs, and gyms.

Skinny fabulous is no stranger to creating party soca music and has done so time and again in the past with songs like “Busy Signal”, “Sober is Overrated” and many more. Just like is many party hits, his new fast tempo has taken over the club and has fans rocking away.

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