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Most beautiful landscapes in Canada

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Canada is one of the most attractive countries in the world. This beautiful country is located in the northern half with the North American continent. There are hundreds of beautiful landscapes in Canada which you must visit. These landscapes can refresh your soul and give you beautiful memories. Annually there are thousands of people who visit Canada from all across the world. Below, you can read complete details of the top fantastic landscape areas in Canada.


• Bay of Fundy
The Bay of Fundy is a beautiful landscape island which `offers several eye-catching cliffs. It is situated between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia provinces of Canada. You can consider it the most beautiful coastline in Canada. Beautiful tress, clear shining water, and large landscape area can make your holidays full of fun. One side of Bay of Fundy touches US state named Maine. You can surely enjoy this natural wonder because of its coastal environment and landscape areas.


• Fundy Footpath
It is a beautiful coastline which is located between Labrador and Florida. It is 41 kilometers long and has different beautiful landscapes to visit and stay. Natural beauty with diverse forests increases the wonders of this beautiful place in Canada. You can hike Fundy Footpath to accept different challenges at the height of different meters. In short, you will be happy to visit and explore the beautiful and large areas of Fundy Footpath.


• Montmorency Falls
Montmorency Falls is a large waterfall in Canada which is part of a beautiful landscape. It is on the Montmorency River in Quebec. Its total height is 84 meters. It is one of the most visited waterfalls and park in Canada. You can easily visit this area by traveling between the borough of Beauport and Boischatel. No doubt, it is a breathtaking view to see this fall and visit all its areas.


• Banff National Park/Lake Louise
Banff National Park is a beautiful tourism place in Canada. There are high peaks, turquoise, and beautiful landscape greenery in Banff National Park. Lake Louise is a hamlet which offers hundreds of hiking trails around it. There are different resorts, amazing view of lake water and hills around the north-eastern shore of Banff National Park. The Lake Louise Ski Area is another lake which is located with Lake Louise. It offers Cross-country skiing and snowboarding. You can also enjoy ice fishing and ice skating in winter at these beautiful landscape area of Banff National Park with Lake Louise.

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