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Manuel Merino resigns as Peru’s president under people’s pressure

President of Peru, Manuel Merino, announced this Sunday his resignation, after the Congress asked him to resign immediately in view of the growing demonstrations against the political crisis that this South American country is undergoing.

His announcement turned massive protests into demonstrations of joy. Right after Merino announced his resignation on national television people who had gathered to protest began chanting in joy.

In a brief message, Merino, who practically named himself president in substitution of the dismissed Martin Vizcarra, said that he respects the political system and hopes that the situation in the nation will normalize for the good of the country.

He affirmed that he never intended to assume the position to favor a political group and advanced that no cabinet minister will leave his functions.

However, previous news indicate that a majority of the officials recently appointed by him to ministerial posts had already resigned from their functions.

The decision of the Congress led by Merino to remove Vizcarra from power and the formation of a new administration, events seen as a coup d’état, triggered numerous mobilizations in several cities of the country, which culminated in a national march on Saturday.

The protests have been repressed by the police with the use of anti-riot tactics and techniques that have left hundreds of people injured. On Saturday, two young people were reportedly killed by gunfire from the police.

The Ombudsman’s Office reported that at least 40 people have been reported missing, in addition to hundreds injured and two dead during anti-government demonstrations.

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