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Jamaica’s most wanted ‘Prekeh Boy’ killed in gunfight with police-military team

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(Jamaica Gleaner) The bloody reign of Delano ‘Prekeh Boy’ Wilmot as one of Jamaica’s most feared gangsters came to an abrupt end in Amity district, St James, when he was killed in an early morning gunfight with a police-military team.

Reports are that when the lawmen closed in on Wilmot’s hideout, the man who had survived several encounters with law enforcement, including a 2018 incident in which he allegedly ambushed a military patrol and shot and injured three soldiers, emerged with his M16 assault rifle in hand.

However, the combat team, which had reportedly travelled two hours under the cover of darkness to reach the location, was ready and waiting for him. Wilmot was allegedly cut down in a hail of bullets following a brief exchange of gunfire. The M16 rifle, with a magazine containing several rounds of ammunition, was seized.

“It was a well-coordinated, intelligence-driven operation, and we must commend the soldiers and police officers who once again proved to a criminal that he cannot match the tactical expertise of the security forces,” said Superintendent Vernon Ellis, commander of the St James police.

“I hope the law-abiding citizens in the area can now live in peace with him now out of their lives.”

Residents who live in the proximity of Wilmot’s lair said that they were surprised that he had taken refuge almost in their backyard.

Some residents told The Gleaner that Wilmot had created a seedy network in the general Cambridge area, where, under the threat of death, they were recruited as scouts while others were tasked with bringing him food, water, and women.

At night, he would regularly be seen in various communities with a rifle over his shoulder.

There was stony silence on Wednesday at Mother Lane, where Wilmot once lived and still has family members, as the security forces carried out a snap raid in search of other gangsters.

Mother Lane is in the proximity of the Cambridge Police Station.

An elderly woman was the lone voice of defiance as she celebrated the news of Wilmot’s demise.

“Him a mi family, but him cause too much pain fi wi round a Mother Lane,” said the woman. “Because a him, soldier and police nuh stop terrorise di young people dem inna di area. As yuh open yuh mouth and seh yuh come from Mother Lane, yuh start get bad look from other people.”

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