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Jamaican mother who contracted COVID regrets not following safety protocols

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Janet Thompson*, who has recovered from COVID-19, as well as her two-year-old child, still regrets that she never did enough to protect them all from the virus.

In an interview with The Gleaner, Thompson, who hails from Clarendon, said initially, when she heard about the coronavirus and what to do to remain free from it, she was lackadaisical about practising the safety measures.

And in early August, Thompson said she started having flu-like symptoms and decided to get tested for COVID-19. One week later, it was confirmed that not only her, but her two-year-old child had the virus.

“I was disappointed in myself because I didn’t do enough to ensure I, my kids and family were safe from the virus,” she shared, even while she tried to figure out how she contracted it, as she said she didn’t go out a lot.

“It still stands that I wasn’t doing as I was supposed to be doing, like washing my hands regularly and wearing a mask. Plus, I had persons come to my home who did not believe they were to wear masks, who said COVID is not real,” she shared.

While battling the virus, Thompson said she had anxious moments, but is now giving God thanks that she was able to recover and is thankful for those who supported her during the crisis.

Being once COVID-positive, Thompson said, has changed her whole life as she now finds herself being paranoid into thinking that people are looking differently at her, so she tries to distance herself from them. She said she doesn’t want to be scorned so she keeps to herself most of the times and goes out and only when there is no avoiding it.

Thompson shared that she used to be timid about blending back into society, as uppermost in her mind was the thought that persons would be looking at her and branding her as someone who caught the virus.

“There were times when I felt that way, but what helps me is relying on the word of God, and believing that if He says in His word He will keep me, then I know it is true and then it’s through that faith I am OK. I know God doesn’t lie, so when I read the word, I believe it and it gives me a sense of peace and comfort,” she shared.

Thompson is also thankful for her church family, as she said reading posts on social media about COVID patients who didn’t make it makes her wonder, and it is at those times she needs the peace that God gives.

These days, Thompson said she has learnt one valuable lesson from her and her child contracting the virus, and that is to never let her guard down.

“The mask does not feel comfortable, it makes me really hot, but I have learnt that prevention is better than cure and obedience is better than sacrifice.”

*Name changed by request
(Jamaica Gleaner)

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