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Jamaican con man steals $20,000 worth of chicken meat

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(Jamaica Star) Farmer Nadine Christian said she was swindled out of 83 pounds of chicken by a man pretending to be a restaurant owner.

She said that the man, whose name she does not know, conned her of nearly $20,000 worth of meat.

Christian said that after speaking with the man on the phone, the man came to her property in Caymanas Gardens, St Catherine, several times asking if the chickens were ready.

On Tuesday about 1 p.m., he ordered 100 pounds of chicken. She says he came with his own scale to weigh the chicken, which led her to believe he really meant business.

When she weighed the chicken, her scale showed 83 pounds. But he started implying that her scale was faulty, as his allegedly showed that it was 100 pounds.

“Then him seh I must write the order on a piece of paper. By the time me turn round fi go fi the paper, a the vehicle me see a drive off,” she said. “Him come about three days before and tell me seh him want all a me chicken dem fi cook because him have a big restaurant.” Christian made a report to the Gregory Park Police Station.

She said that in his previous visits, the man always drove a white car.

“That day him come with a grey Probox, because him tell me seh him wife have the next car and she gone to the bank. So, him say him borrow him brother car,” she said, adding that he never told her his name, or any concrete details about his restaurant. She desribed the man tall and fat with twisted hair.

“I only have his phone number and when I call him now, he’s not answering. Him look like him block my number,” she said.

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