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French Montana says he’s been in ICU for six days

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It has been days since French Montana was admitted into ICU and he is yet to be discharged.

The Morocco born American rapper shared information about his health on Monday morning. In the November 24th post on twitter he made a short video of the hospital room and himself showing an IV strapped to his arm. There was also an erase board in the room with the inscription “manage pain” and “mobilize.” He revealed he had not been discharged. Along with a prayer emoji the Bronx rapper wrote “6 days in icu. ”

So many sources say that French was admitted to San Fernando Valley Hospital on night of thursday Nov. 21. That invariably means that he has been admitted for about four days as against the six days he tweeted.

French was reported to have been experiencing elevated heart rate, intense nausea and stomach ache as a result of which he was rushed to the hospital. This was after cops rushed down to his residence on getting a report that the apartment was been burglarized only to find out that it was a false alarm.

It happened that a concerned neighbor called L.A. County Sheriff’s deputies to French’s Calabasas home on suspicion of a robbery crime. When the cops arrived they could not find the robbers or the burglars. The cops found out that French was intoxicated and that he was also experiencing some serious health issues. They called 911 which responded promptly and took him to the hospital where he has remained at the ICU ever since.

It was expected that he would be discharged the following day but he has remained there uptill now. What he is suffering from is currently unclear. However there has been speculation that he might be suffering from food poisoning given that he was recently in Europe and his native country, Morocco.

Other persons are of the opinion that it could be something more serious. The reason is that complications from contaminated food don’t take the period that French has been hospitalized before the affected person regains his health.

On the music front, French has his third studio album coming out this month and it is titled : Montana.

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