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France: Some 15 million French citizens to get Covid-19 vaccine by June

French government spokesman Gabriel Attal reiterated on Thursday that about 15 million citizens, 22% of the population, will get the Covid-19 vaccine by June.

According to the spokesperson, about 2.5 million citizens will be vaccinated by February and another four million by the end of March as part of the campaign that started on December 27, an objective described by experts as complex, amid the vaccine supply difficulties.

Regarding the announcement AstraZeneca laboratory made to significantly cut deliveries of its coronavirus vaccines in Europe in the first quarter of 2021, Attal told France Inter broadcaster that discussions about the issue are continuing.

Until Wednesday evening, about 1.2 million citizens had received at least the first dose of Pfizer or Moderna Covid-19 vaccines.

While vaccination is taking place, the country suffers a deterioration in the health situation, which could lead to a new lockdown.

The French Public Health entity reported 26,916 new Covid-19 infections in the last 24 hours. Some 27,169 patients remain hospitalized and 3,107 of them are admitted in intensive care units.

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