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Four Things to do to live longer

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Every aspect of one’s lifestyle is interconnected and fairly responsible for keeping the health at its best.
How can you take charge of your life and live long?

There are four things you can do:

1. Challenge yourself every day

The greatest strategy to work towards living longer is related to how the body is challenged. The mind and the body grow stronger andstays young when it is frequently made to deal with dynamic environments. Dynamism builds resilience, which is essentially required to live a long healthy life.
Do something extra, push yourself through your limit a little every day.

2. Sleep well

The body goes through some crucial systematic processes during sleep. A six to an eight hour of sleep tenure is critical for optimal health, which in return promotes longevity.
Did you know the sleep mode is the only time when the brain is able to trench unwelcome preoccupations out of the mind?

3. Exercise

Some of the genetic diseases namely; cystic fibrosis and Huntington’s disease are extremely challenging to prevent. However, if you keep your activity rate high and take adequate diet there’s a chance to keep them at bay. High intensity workouts and or a daily walk is vital to longevity. It’s more about moving yourself rather than measuring the level of intensity.

4. Baseline health testing

The sooner the treatment begins, the higher the rate of recovery. That is if you by any chance are diagnosed with or are at a risk of a health problem. It matters even more when diseases run in the genes. Once an individual’s baseline is formed, it’s easier to keep track of everything. If there needs to be a change in diet or implementation of prevention strategies, the test results help in formulating all of that.
Testing of blood sugar levels, thyroid, kidney and liver, advanced cholesterol and basic nutrients (calcium, vitamin D etc.) is crucial to form a baseline.

An integrated set of steps, like these would help in living a long healthy life.

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