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Read about Nailah Blackman the ever bless T&T Soca Artist

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Black women come is a variety of beautiful shades shapes and sizes that can be lethally alluring when combined with pure talent. Celebrities like Gabrielle Union, Beyonce, Naomi Campbelle, Paula Patton and many more, have dazzled the world with their breathtaking looks and undeniable talent.

Following in the steps of these accomplished black women, Nailah Blackman is a new musician and songwriter on the entertainment scene who is set to take the world by storm. The sexy Trinidadian damsel brings a refreshingly natural look of exquisite attractiveness with a mesmerizing soprano that has triggered a lot of buzz.

Nailah Blackman was born 2nd of December 1997 to a family with a rich history of musical prowess. Her grandfather, late Garfield Blackman, was a celebrated artist on the local scene and was known to formulate a unique style of music which was dubbed Jamoo. Her mother, Abbi Blackman, was also a calypso celebrity with many hit songs to her credit. Nailah was surrounded by music growing up and soon became inspired to be a Soca artist. Her love for music started at a very early age and saw her to two Calypso competitions at the age of six.

Soca music is a derivative of calypso music, a traditional music to the people of Trinidad. Soca music offers a new and revitalized approach to Calypso music and has become widely accepted and enjoyed in Trinidad and the rest of the world. Nailah gained the attention of the world in 2016 when she gave an eye-catching performance Runaway Train for Movie Towne’s Pixel Play showcase.

This black beauty did not stop there and proceeded to shake the entertainment scene with a hit song Workout. This song was a major hit and has since fueled her fame. “Workout” was the theme song for the Trinidad Carnival and was her soar to the finals of the 2017 international soca monarch competition.

Nailah Blackman

“Iron Love” is an exciting debut release that has racked up over three million views on YouTube. The video showcases the appealing beauty singing in a typical Trinidadian neighborhood and makes a transition at the end to a big stage in which she takes a more glamorous appearance. Nailah is a vibrant black woman with a stage personality that could be described gregarious and animated.

While her music genre can be best understood and appreciated by listening, her grandfather who went by the stage name Shorty, defined Soca as “Endless Vibrations.” Soca which means the soul of Calypso is really catching on internationally.

Nailah brings a sexy and exciting approach to soca which can be felt in her dance moves and high pitch voice. Trinidad women are known for the luscious voice and curvaceous body which is flaunted in their Carnivals and celebrations.

Nailah is no exception and fits the mold perfectly. Her flawless melanin skin and curviness would leave audiences lusting in a trance of lust. Contrary to what you might think, Nailah is not the average artist, she has a trained voice and she is skilled in playing the guitar, piano and other musical instruments. At just 21 years of age, this petite Trinidadian beauty is set for great strides in the future.

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