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5 landscapes you won’t even imagine exist

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The earth is loaded with dreamlike landscapes and stunning natural wonders that seem unreal. Check out the following 5 landscapes that you won’t even imagine exist in this world.
Morning glory pool, Wyoming

Morning glory pool is a stunning hot spring pool and thermal feature located approximately 1.5 miles from Old Faithful in Yellowstone at the end of a paved and board walked trail. It’s surrounded by orange bacteria that make it appear like an eyeball featuring all the colors of the rainbow.
The boardwalk allows you to come right up to this fascinating hot spring and look down to what appears like a bottomless steaming pool. It’s an easy, scenic and enjoyable walk to the pool which passes numerous hot springs, geysers, and amazing steaming vents.

The sea of stars/Bioluminescent Vaadhoo Island beach, Maldives 

The beach is full of creatures that are capable of performing light producing action when provoked in this case by ocean waves. The light-in-the- dark is a natural phenomenon referred to as bioluminescent wherein light is produced by a living organism.
The sea is vast, full of mysterious creatures and these organisms light up the shorelines at night in the most magical way. The mesmerizing blue tide water mimics a mirror reflecting shining stars above. The organisms that emanate the blue glow are known as phytoplankton- the marine microbes and a species that creates the most romantic natural lighting on the planet.
The Wave, Arizona

Otherworldly, the wave is a geological gem and a marvel situated on the slopes of the stunning Coyote Buttes in Utah-Arizona border. They are believed to have been formed back in the Jurassic period when prevailing winds pushed desert dunes across the sandstones and water runoffs deposited chemicals such as iron and magnesium resulting in this unique sandstone rock formation.
Undulating patterns wrapping the rocks make them appear as some surging wave stuck in time and cast in stone. Swirled bands of colors referred to as liesegang run through the sandstones and ranges in color from pink, red, yellow, orange, green and white.
The fragile nature of the formation means a limited number of people are allowed to visit making it a rare sight to behold.
Rainbow Mountain, China

Rainbow colored mountains with ripping stripes of vibrant magenta, cerulean blue, bloody orange and canary yellow sound like a setting in a fairy tale story but they are actually a natural phenomenon in Rainbow Mountain in China’s Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park.
With vibrant and rich hues you’ll be forgiven to believe they’re man-made or unreal. The rainbow striations came about as a result of climate conditions, centuries of tectonic shifts plus erosion of red terrigenous sedimentary beds shaping some smooth slopes beside sharp pinnacles.
Tsingy de Bemaraha, Madagascar

Iconic images as seen in photographs really can’t convey the real majestic and magic of this spectacular mineral forest. The serrated limestone pinnacles referred in Malagasy as ‘Tsingy’ were formed millions of years ago by play of Indian Ocean when Madagascar broke free from Gondwana.
The park is an amazing complex of fascinating ancient limestone formations and a visit here involves loads of climbing, crossing vertical gorges and wriggling through narrow crevices and as a bonus, you get to see endemic species of the cute Lemurs.

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