‘Empire’ star Serayah McNeill Cautions Dwyane & Zaya Wade about Making a major life decision in unhealthy haste

FX's "Snowfall" season 3 premiere screening Featuring: Serayah McNeill Where: Los Angeles, California, United States When: 09 Jul 2019 Credit: FayesVision/WENN.com

A lot of people are sharing their thoughts on Dwayne Wade’s son Zaya Wade who seem conflicted about his gender and sexuality. The retired NBA player is dealing with his 12-year-old son’s confusion on his gender. Serayah McNeill has aired her views concerning the issue.

The empire star put up a video on social media advising Wade to tread cautiously. She said that “Life-changing decisions” should not be made in haste, especially decisions which are not easily reversible. She also said such decisions should not be made on behalf of the child. McNeil was of the opinion that they shouldn’t jump into life-changing decisions that might later in the future prove difficult to be undone.

She said that she was not discriminating against gays as she is open to the possibility of having a gay child but that when it involves underage children a lot of peer pressure and environmental and societal pressure might affect ideas or feelings that kids and parents have.

McNeill looked straight in the camera while speaking to Zaya. She said that it was the wrong time in the life any child to be worried about changing their gender. Zaya Wade is at that age where issues like life ambition and sports activities should pre-occupy him.

She went further to say that it is at a more advanced age that people will be better to make such massive life-changing decisions. According to her, Dwayne can only take Zaya more seriously if he is more mature. Then he can say that he would want to remain that way.

It has been proven scientifically that over 80% to 90% of children with transgender inclinations as kids outgrow such feelings and revert to their natural sex.

It is also common knowledge in the LGBT community that “Detransitioning” is not always easy. Several kids who are meant to be on hormone prescription after undergoing gender change have stopped taking the chemicals due to the very harsh side effects.

They are countless videos of both transitioning and Detransitioning on YouTube and other online platforms.