The 12 Best Places Around The World To See The Christmas Lights

Its Christmas again and yes it the time to spread the love and everything that comes with it. With the Christmas season comes happiness and a lot of decorations and with the decorations come to light, yes lots of light. From houses to malls, the streets and other getaway spots. The lights would be everywhere.

We would be looking at some of the best places to see the best Christmas lights all around the world.

Stockholm, Sweden:

Go to Stockholm and experience the light the Nordics have to offer. The serene city of Stockholm comes alive every Christmas with their signature 120 foot Christmas tree lighted from top to bottom. Walk down the well-lighted streets and have a feel of the native festive spirit.

Tokyo, Japan:

Lights then you have got to be kidding if you don’t mention Japan. One of the most lighted cities in Asia, Tokyo takes a turn towards Arabia and does an LED display at the Carretta Shiodome which sometimes features Disney themes.

New-York, USA:

The city that never sleeps is sure not to disappoint. The city is so well lit-up with over 60,000 LED lights and is known for its legendary 77 feet Rockefeller Christmas tree.

Lisbon, Portugal:

Lison likes to get into the Christmas spirit early and they do this with over a million lights starting from November. The comercio square and Marechal Carmona park isn’t a place to miss during this period as different ornaments and decorations all flooded with lights will surely amaze you.

Copenhagen, Denmark:

Who says Denmark without saying Copenhagen. Visit the city of Copenhagen and experience light you have never before. Attend parties that would be spotting the nooks and crannies and have some drinks with friends and family.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:

The second most populous city in Brazil Knows how to show up in style to during the festive season. And trust us they do this with an elaborate show of lights. You would not want to miss it.

London, England:

Have an amazing Christmas in London. The city is bedecked with monumentaries and party houses all dunned in blinding lights to spice things up.

Toronto, Canada:

Christmas in the Toronto market is quite an interesting one. Have a sip on the mulled wine, visit Santa’s’ elves and observe as the great show of lights makes everything beautiful in the city.

Berlin, Germany:

if you love Christmas markets then Berlin is the city to be in this Christmas.have a feel of the winter in the Gendarmenmarktand ho for classic ornaments. The weihnachtszeit at Roten Rathaus also has an ice-rink that is fun for both old and young.

Colmar, France:

The quiet town of Colmar in France likes to get its Christmas on and illuminated. The lights and Christmas market that dot the town brings an inner happy Christmas feeling that big cities fail to give.

Prague, Czech Republic:

The city of Prague is quite a place to be in during Christmas. The usually serene city becomes electric with lights and buzzing activities, food, drinks and a lot of treats to go round.

Amsterdam, Netherlands:

Do you want Christmas lights? Then look no further than Amsterdam. The light festival in this city is so legendary that a lot of tourists visit the city during Christmas to have a feel of it. have a go at the Christmas markets too, ice-rinks and a giant Ferris wheel just makes it a whole lot Christmassy!