The Weeknd return, shares new single “Heartless”

The Weeknd has shared a new single “Heartless,” his first new music since his last project the release of his My Dear Melancholy EP last year.

In the song

“Yeah, I want it all now / I’ve been running through the p*** / Need a dog pound,” sings the Starboy. “A hundred models getting faded in the compound / Tryna love me, but they never get a pulse down.”

But despite his best efforts, he can’t shake his bad ways. “All this money and this pain got me heartless / Low life for life cause I’m heartless,” he sings. “Tryna be a better man but I’m heartless / Never be a wedding plan for the heartless.”

Listen to The Weeknd new single “Heartless” below

The singer will reportedly release another new single “Blinding Lights” on Nov. 29. The song first appeared in a Mercedes-Benz commercial, which aired Sunday on German television.