Lupita Nyong’o Freestyles on the Tonight Show: Name Drop’s Beyonce and Jay-Z

Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita Nyong’o is popularly known as a movie star. She has firmly etched her name among A-List stars in Hollywood and has been known for starring in blockbuster movies and box-office hits. However, there is more to her than just acting. We just learned that she is a decent rapper too! She was a guest on the Monday episode of the Tonight Show hosted by Jimmy Fallon.

Jimmy Fallon began by doing a brief summary of her major achievements since the last time she was on the show. He noted that the highest of them all would be Beyonce name – dropping Lupita in the pop star’s hit song “Brown Skin Girl.” Jay-Z also referenced her in his 2014 song “We made it.”

“Let me just run down everything that’s happened since the last time you were on the show, You won an Oscar for 12 Years A Slave. You were in a couple of small films, Star Wars and Black Panther. You got a Tony nomination. And probably most important, your name is now a Beyoncé lyric.”

The actress responded by saying “I love the Carters and they seem to love me. I’m not mad. ” When quizzed on which of the two song she loved most, she declined to choose between them stating that “I couldn’t choose between the two.”

The actress then spoke about her rap skills; she said she even goes by the name “Troublemaker” which was given to her by none less than Common.”I was baptized Troublemaker by Common, so I feel like it’s legit. It’s something I do in a car.” She added that she alter ego must compulsorily have a microphone and sunglasses in order to perform. She was immediately given a microphone and sunglasses by Fallon who simultaneously urged her to freestyle on the beat being played by the roots.

“Troublemaker in the building, hey/ I feel some bars coming, bars coming/ Much love to the Carters/ Hov and Beyoncé/ They always big me up in a big way/ I’m a brown skin girl so that means a lot/ Hov said we made it, got an Oscar for my props/ Much love to Jimmy and The Roots ’cause they hot/ Wrote a book about self-love, Sulwe’s ’bout to drop October 15th/ On time, to come/ Better go to commercial or these bars won’t stop.” She rapped.
She jokingly said afterwards that she considered herself a “fraud” and that rap was something she should have done earlier in life. “I am a fraud. I feel like in my past I’m supposed to be a rapper, but I’m not. I just do it for fun. I like to play a rapper, but I’m really not one.” she said.

Nyong’o has shown the ‘troublemaker’ side of her in the past. Three years ago, she posted a video of herself on Instagram freestyling on the instrumental of Nas hit song “N.Y. State of mind.” Last year she also put up a video of herself and her Blank Panther co-actor Letitia Wright freestyling.

The star also spoke about her new book, Sulwe. The word Sulwe means “star” in Luo, which is her native language. She refers to the book as her “liberal autobiography” because she drew inspiration from her own personal inner struggle growing up. She said she wanted to be lighter in complexion and prayed to God about it.