4 Most Amazing underwater Sculptures in The Caribbean

There are different types of ways to encourage and increase tourism. There is religious tourism, natural tourism, historical tourism, etc. but only some countries have a certain type of tourism which is termed as underwater tourism.

The Caribbean is the center of this type of tourism. The main purpose of this type of tourism is to relinquish and broaden the vision of the tourists to dive deep down and see historical, ancient sculptures that are standing there with pride underwater

Here are the top 4 underwater sculptures in the Caribbean.

  1. Grenada                                                                                                                    From just ten minutes of boat ride from Brandon’s beach comes this flabbergasting underwater museum. Originally built in 2006 has now been a must to go destination for divers as well as for snorkelers. The management installed it keeping in mind that they are sympathetically putting these statues amongst the reef system so that snorkelers and divers can appreciate the beauty of the reef as well as the sculpture park. The park includes various stunning works, but perhaps “Vicissitudes” is the most iconic. It features a circle of children standing hand-in-hand. These sculptures have been created by an underwater sculpture pioneer.

  1. Grand Cayman’s Amphitrite                                                                                  This sculpture has significance with ancient Greek mythology. The statue is named after the Greek goddess Amphitrite wife of the titan Poseidon. Standing at 9 foot tall this has been one of the most visited underwater dive destinations in the world. .Originally built by a Canadian artist and avid diver Simon Morris who installed the statue in the year 2000, it is located in an underwater depth of 55 feet below the waters of Sunset Reef, off the coast of Grand Cayman.

  1. The Bahamas Coral Reef Sculpture Garden.                                                              This sculpture park is located in the island nation of Bahamas which is known for its tourist attractions related to water just the like great Atlantis hotel and its water park.in the year 2014 the Bahamas Reef Environment Education Foundation (BREEF) launched the Sir Nicholas Nuttall Coral Reef Sculpture Garden. The 60 ton and 18-foot high sculpture are the largest in the world of its kind. It shows a little native girl holding up the ocean. The statue is called Atlas of the ocean due to its resemblance with the Greek titan Atlas who according to the Greek mythology is lifting the world on his shoulders as a curse by Zeus.

1 Mexico’s underwater museum.                                                                              This park host the most sculptures with a whopping 500 plus-sized ones. Also created by Jason deCaires Taylor who was the pioneer and architect of Grenada. Just three years after Grenada he opened this park with his fellow Mexican companions Karen Salinas Martinez, Roberto Diaz Abraham, and Rodrigo Quiñones Reyes. This place is just minutes away from the coast of Cancun. The park offers sculptures of different aspects of life such as gardeners, farmers and the common people like peasants of the third class of the state.