The Inside Guide To Carnivals in The Caribbean

When the word carnival comes in mind, there is a level of excitement and enthusiasm that just grabs our hearts for wanting to gain that experience. Every year in the Caribbean, carnival season comes up or which a lot of people from around the world come to visit, see and explore. The aroma of food, the dresses, the culture, the traditions, the people, it’s like as if you have entered into some kind of a dream or as if you are in some sort of a movie seen.

The carnival season comes in once in a year in the Caribbean, and the people of that area call it “The Greatest Show on Earth”, as there is no doubt about the fact that their carnivals are recognized as one of the best carnivals in the world. Every year, almost one and a half million people arrive to join in this carnival, take pictures, selfies, and videos to upload it into all social media platforms and share their traditions with the whole world.

We know you might be getting Goosebumps into the inside guide to the carnivals in the Caribbean, well, there are here as follows;

The Travel Advice

If you want to experience the carnivals in the Caribbean, make sure to book it before the carnival date as there are chances that you might lose the seat. Once set, get yourself an annual leave, pack your stuff, book a ticket and fly to this destination. Also, try to get your costume quick because they sell out pretty fast.

Carnival Advice

When you are about to visit the carnival, you need to have a pair of comfortable shoes so you can travel better and party all day long. Also never forget that sunscreen and don’t forget the “vex money” in hand, as no one leaves the party without it.

Carnival Months

January                                                                                                          Montserrat, St Kitts

March                                                                                                                    Trinidad and Tobago, Dominica

April: Jamaica,

May: St Maarten,The Bahamas, Guyana

July: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines,  St Lucia

August: Barbados, Grenada, Antigua, Nevis, Anguilla,

Outside the Caribbean

August: Caribana Canada, Notting Hill England

September: Labor Day in Brooklyn New York

The people of the Caribbean are known for their amazing and refreshing food. you will get a taste of the delicious food in every island you visit for Carnival

  • At first, when you leave the airport after you have arrived, be sure to drink some fresh coconut water before you get to the hotel or where ever you staying.

Then you you go around the town to select thair famous foods and ways to eat them, whenever you visit the Caribbean as it is once in a lifetime opportunity to visit that carnival, so make sure to get the right feast you deserve and enjoy the shows.