SVG Carnival Soca Monarch and Road March Result 2019

SVG Carnival a rap with the ragga and power soca monarch held on 07/16/2019, then Carnival concluded on Tuesday 07/09/2019 with the Road March result in and below we have the results for both events.

Here are the result for Power Soca Monarch for SVG Carnival 2019

1st: Derron ‘Magikal’ Rouse with “Bloody Hell Crazy

2nd: Fireman Hooper with “Shake It Down

3rd: Villroy ‘Tuffa’ Jack with “Liver”

4th: Caspa G with “Rum Diaries”

Here are the results for Ragga Soca Monarch 2019

1st: Hence with “Uptown Party

2nd: Fireman Hooper with “GPS”

3rd: Chewalee with “The Rummist”

Here are the results for Road March 2019

1st: Rondy ‘Luta’ Mc Intosh with “Leh Go Ting

2nd: Derron ‘Magikal’ Rouse with “Bloody Hell Crazy”

3rd: Villroy ‘Tuffa’ Jack with “Liver”

Congratulations to all the winners