After Cheating Scandal, Safaree Begs Erica Mena To Take Him Back

safaree and erica mena

After their romantic relationship which was almost at marriage level hit the rocks, because of rumors which surfaced about Safaree Samuels allegedly cheating on Erica Mena with an ex-girlfriend, Safaree Samuels is back on his knees pleading to get back with his fiancée.

The love and hip-hop star resorted to his Twitter page to make this known to the love of his life. he wrote, “This is not a loss I would be able to handle”. He also wrote “I have lost a lot before and dealt with it.. but seriously I cannot lose you. I have never felt so complete in my life and that feeling will be gone if I lose you. You are my everything and I can’t see my future without you. Please, Erica”. These tweets are really direct and not suggestive at all so all those that were still making insinuations should better get it right. Safaree still wants his babe back.

Ok, so what really happened was that an ex-girlfriend of the star decided to be a snitch and leaked some of their secret conversations and videos. Gabrielle Davis took to Instagram to broadcast the text and videos. She also claimed that Safaree informed her that he had no intentions of marrying Mena who was his fiancée for 6 months. This story no doubt reached Mena who quipped back by sharing a video on her stories of her walking through shards of glass from broken bouquets bought for her by Safaree.

Safaree has since then added more apologetic tweets to the above ones by stating, “I apologize for any embarrassment I have brought to you for me being immature. I apologize from the depth of my soul and heart”. From the tone, one would profer that Safaree is really and genuinely sorry for what he did and is really desperate to get Erica back into his life. the duo was really in love before the break-up and no one needs a soothsayer to tell that the break-up I really taking its toll on them, Safaree in particular.

safaree and erica mena

We really hope ad ray that they get back together and quickly tie the nuptial knot hence silencing further scandals may it arise. Safaree who just got out of social media war Nicki Minaj has taken a cue from all this and have decided to stay off social media tweeting “And after this, I’m taking a real break from the world of every body’s opinions in ya business Social media. Misery loves company out here. Locking down and recentering”. We hope it works out for him though.