Rihanna is now the world’s wealthiest female musician: Forbes

Rihanna attends the “Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets” European Premiere at Cineworld Leicester Square on July 24, 2017 in London, England. (Photo by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images)

Rihanna has been confirmed as the wealthiest female musician in the world according to Forbes. The 3I –year old singer, businesswoman, cosmetic entrepreneur, fashion designer and actress is also the first black woman to head a top luxury fashion house. Rihanna has made a whopping fortune of US$600 to the top of the pile.

The new rating puts her above Madonna(US$570 million) , Celine Dion (US$450 million) and Beyonce (US$400 million) whose husband was recently named as the world’s first billionaire rap musician. There is no gain saying that the Barbadian singer born Robyn Rihanna Fenty has come a long way.

Since her breakthrough in 2003 she has leveraged her highly successful musical career in branching into other sectors like entrepreneurship, movies, fashion etc. In September 20I7, she launched her makeup brand Fenty Beauty with French luxury giant LVMH and Sephora.

Rihanna’s fame was a huge boost to the new line which was reported to have made $I00 million in sales during its debut weeks, while the whole operation is worth over $3 billon. It made US$570 million last year after I5 months in business.
Despite the huge income the ‘Work’ crooner is raking in from entrepreneurship, she is not slowing down on the music business a bit as majority of her money comes from touring and music releases. In May, Rihanna launched a partnership with LVHM to a luxury fashion brand based in Paris. The brand will make clothes, shoes and accessories.

Rihanna’s story of triumph makes it look as if it has all been rosy for her but she has had to put up with her own share of thorns. In 2009, she was a victim of a highly publicized domestic violence which saw her then boyfriend charged with assaulting her. She recently had issues with her father over the latter’s bid to profit off her name . Through all these and more she has consistently moved from triumph to triumph undeterred.

Perhaps her smash single ‘work’ off her 20I6 album ‘Anti’said it all: ‘work, work, work, work, work’. We should have paid closer attention but now we know better. She is here to stay and if you think she will rest on her laurels listen to her “ I never thought I will make this much money, so a number is not going to stop me from working. Money is happening along the way, but I am working out of what I am passionate about.”

So apparently the Rihanna has followed in the footsteps of her mentor and friend Jay-Z who was named Forbes first hip-hop billionaire. No one can really contests her position as the riches self-made musician now. Sing on girl the world is watching you and you are sure going places