Buju Banton Show off his New Girlfriend are as Snug as ever

Buju Banton

Mark Anthony Myrie, popularly known by his stage name as Buju Banton is in the news again. This time, it’s not for music or anything illegal but for something close to his heart. A picture of him holding the mysterious girl recently surfaced online and has caused a stir amongst his fans and listeners worldwide. The question on everyone’s lips is, “Who is this lady and where is she from”?

That question would be one that won’t be answered anytime soon because experience has shown that Buju is a very secretive person and doesn’t like getting his private life out there in the open. The reggae and dancehall artiste who was recently released from prison had pictures of him and a lady all loved up and smiling circulating the internet on Friday.

Buju Banton

A lot of his fans have opined that the girl Is way younger than the artiste which by the looks of it, is possible. But who cares; when its love, age doesn’t matter. The heartbroken fans have tongue-lashed him to go get himself some more of his age and stop flirting around with younger girls. Other fans who are heartbroken but not as bitter as the first group have suggested and even prayed that the girl be a long lost daughter, while the last group of fans have wished him luck with his new girlfriend stating that they are happy with him.

Nobody knows where the strikingly beautiful brownie is from but some people have suggested that she is British while others are saying she is of American descent. But of a truth, her name and origins haven’t yet been discovered.

Several media houses have tried to reach out to Buju to ask questions and inquire about his new love attraction, but the reggae artiste has refused to give audience to anyone stating that the media should get out of his personal life and let him be. Buju has really been very clandestine about his activities after he left prison and we are guessing it’s caused by the experience.

This notwithstanding, would not deter the media from prying and finding out who the new girl which seem to be the love of his life is, and giving you the audience the info quickly and in real time. stay tuned to this blog for more fresh and hot news every days.