Kylie Jenner Just Became the Youngest Self-Made Billionaire Ever

Kylie Jenne

Kylie Jenner officially hit the billions Dollor mark thanks to Kylie Cosmetics, making her the youngest self-made person to achieve that money milestone since Mark Zuckerberg

Kylie starting Kylie Cosmetics in 2015, and owns 100 percent of the company, has created an empire.
For the first few years of the company, products were only available for purchase online and a few other places.

Then in 2018, Jenner signed a distribution deal with beauty retailer Ulta, with that move it got her products on the shelves over the holiday season.

Last year july she made headlines when she appeared on the magazine’s cover. In case you forgot, people wanted to know why little the mag categorized her as “self-made.”

At the time, Forbes calculated her net worth at $900 million, so she was on her way to the billions $$ mark and now she made it.