Kes New Music Video (feat) Shenseea “Close to me”

Soca meet Dancehall Kes and Shenseea draws close for their new music video.

Kes and Shenseea

Shenseea, the Jamaican Dj, singer, rapper and songwriter collaborates the with the Caribbean Soca group Kes who are known for their particular style of calypso melodies, Island sounds, reggae and soul.

Both artistes are currently rocking the radio airwaves, tv screens, dancehall as well as Soca events with their individual songs. So obviously, them teaming up to make a tune was well received.

Kes signed to Carousel Records and Shenseea signed to Romeich entertainment get real close in the music video, doing justice to the song title.

They fuse their Trinidadian and Jamaican vibes together in this Soca dancehall jam titled “Close to Me”. Their unique sounds mix up to produce a definite carnival worthy rhythm.

Apart from being a banging dancehall soca collab, it is also a tune for lovers. The chemistry between Shenseea and Kes shines on screen, lighting up the scene and taking their romantic dance joint to the next level.

“Close To Me” is produced by Tano and Brooklyn Decent.

The dancehall-soca crossover single was shot at locations in Jamaica and Trinidad and directed by Loggo Lionel.
Watch the music video here.