Wet fetes discouraged as Trinidad faces difficult dry season

A dry future may be looming for “wet-fetes” in Trinidad and Tobago.

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(Trinidad Express) A dry future may be looming for “wet-fetes” in Trinidad and Tobago.

As it currently stands, as of today, the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) has begun a conservation effort to limit water wastage, until further notice.

However, with Carnival in full swing, many of these events that are up-coming have advertised water-trucks and water festivals, which seem to in a stark contradiction of conservation message of the Authority.

Speaking on TV6 News last night, acting CEO Allan Poon King, explained that conservation was the key to surviving difficult dry season.

And when asked about the Authority’s position on these “wet-fetes” Poon King summarized that, for now, the Authority’s hands are tied.

“The message we want to get acoss is conservation. Conversation is the corner stone of everything so what we put in place is for people to be conscious of their use of water. Use of water in a fete therefore is not something we would condone. The reality is that we need to save our resources to be used to drink and to maintain hygiene.So we would discourage it,” Poon King said.

That said, for party promoters found in breach of the conservation, the fine currently stands at TT$75.

“WASA was created a number of years ago, so the laws governing some of these things are archaic. That said we have have taken the initiative to have those penalties and fines increased. But, that by itself has to go through a process of its own,” Poon King explained.