Jada Kingdom Speaks On Hypocrisy In The Dancehall Industry

Jada Kingdom is putting the Dancehall industry on blast over their hypocrisy and fake calls for unity.

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Jada Kingdom is putting the Dancehall industry on blast over their hypocrisy and fake calls for unity.

In a lengthy rant recently, the ‘Banana’ singer shared that entertainers only unite with who they want to, citing the that the concept is overrated.

“Unity is not for everyone,” Kingdom wrote. “Unity is for strong minded people, for some uniting it easier said than done.”

Jada Kingdom then went on to share her struggles in the music industry.

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“I’ve tried… dem call mi dunce, call mi bathroom artist, seh mi song dem nah reach airport, seh if mi nuh sing bout mi p***y mi nah guh reach nuh weh, seh mi affy guh pon stage show guh split, twerk and guh pon mi head top fi mi get forward and how much mi fake.”

“They said it all and i got bashed, still getting it and always will be because mi lead out mi nuh falla backa,mi take risk. BUT ONE THING THEY CAN’T EVER SAY IS THAT I AM WEAK!
I cannot force unity on anyone. I just find it sad that half of you who are reading this are gonna start gossiping about who I’m talking about from who I’m not talking about but then again you guys only give a few the run so I don’t expect anyone else to cross y’all minds except who is buzzing right now but please don’t direct my argument to anyone.
(If you have something to say about someone then say it to them yourself,DO NOT use me for that,it nah guh work.”

“I’m more focused on tightening my stage performances & releasing music. I hate interviews, honestly i get high & just go there to talk shit and that’s not good, I’m working on how I articulate my speeches and how I express myself to the public…presentation is key & i hate when people get the wrong impression of me.,” Kingdom continued.

“This is my focus & I’m big enough to say these things because progress is not a joke thing! My unity right now is with evolution, evolving, maturity, robustness, growth, connecting more with my fans ,friends & family & my career etc.”

“I support female & male artists the most swear! and it always goes unnoticed & unappreciated but when i get tired of trying to unite & when i get fed up of getting stepped on and i say f**k it, I’ll focus on me & leave people alone is when y’all gonna say mi badmind & mi nuh wah unite????? THE F**K ?”

“Well i hope y’all doh figet weh dem do me pon social media and weh dem still a do lol, it deh yah fi everybody! Cyah run from it…karma don’t sleep…yer?…alright then.
I have alot to say but this might need an official sober interview. Might even still keep quiet because GOD see & know and him nuh stop bless me! Can’t stop give thanks swear!  Proud of the woman I’m becoming trust me.
Aguh gwan wull mi firm same way 🙏🏽💛,” she added.